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Cycling with Makeup

I’m a complete make up novice.  Some how, when learning about all that stuff in the teenage years, I completely missed the boat.  So, now as an adult, I’m fudging my way through.  I don’t typically wear make up in my day to day life but there are certain occasions when I felt it would be an appropriate thing for me to do.  I’m sure many others have successfully tackled riding with make up but this is my take on it.

I had a friend’s wedding coming up and so, as not to look like a clown or like a child who has gotten in to the parents’ stash, I decided to do a few trial runs putting on make up and wearing it to work.  As many of you know, my trip from home to work is about 8km of fairly flat riding.  Of course, when I decided to do this trial, it had to be one of the most rainy (100+mm) and humid (most days over 80%) weeks my area had in ages.  Temps were around 25°C mark.  So, I felt I gave the make up a good longevity trial!

The findings!

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New Brooks Flyer S Saddle

I have just bought a Brooks Flyer S leather saddle from Pedal and Thread in Adelaide.  I had been umming and ahhing over getting a leather saddle for a few months and finally decided to jump in.  The exceedingly rainy weather here has been a bit of a deterrent with rain being a bit of a no no on leather.

The decision on which saddle to get was fairly straight forward with the B17 the most recommended model for touring.  The Flyer is the same saddle as the B17 except with springs.  The usefulness of these springs seems a bit controversial but I really like the look and don’t care about the extra weight.

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Top tube bag

So, I’ve been looking for a while for a way to carry stuff on my roadie so I don’t have to wear a jersey.  Now I’m not trying to cart a week of groceries home, just some money, keys and phone.  However, pants pockets are next to useless if they don’t have a zip, so unless you are wearing a jersey, it’s pretty hard to carry anything.

Requirements: Not to interfere with my steering, not to require additional modifications to my bike (eg adding a rack), attaches onto the bike quickly, and has to look good off the bike as well as on.  Really, I wanted a bag that I could slip off my bike easily, and run into the shops with me, without looking like it had come off my bike.

Handlebar bags seem to interfere with my steering, and I don’t really have enough room for a large saddle bag.  So, I thought a top tube bag would be the way to go. I’ve had a look around, and most top tube bags are either huge (for touring), or pretty utilitarian (for triathletes).

So, with a few hours to spare, I decided to crack open the sewing machine, and sew myself a top tube bag.

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