Weekend Casual Ride

So, over the weekend, I went for a 10km ride between two major parks here.  Really, it was a 30km ride as you had to get to the meet up point and then back again.  It was a very relaxed pace and everyone had an enjoyable time.

Here are some photos:

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Cycling and the Qld State Election – Response from Media Identity Independent

This is the second response that I got from my letter that I e-mailed to all candidates for my electorate in the Qld State Election.  This response is from an ex popular media identity running as an independent candidate.

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Cycling and the Qld State Election – My letter to candidates.

*Rant Warning*

I’ve written a letter to each of the candidates standing for my local electorate.  It’s below if you are interested.  I’ve e-mailed / sent it to as many candidates as I could find online contact for.  The e-mail address for the Family First candidate did not work and I couldn’t find an address for one of the independents.  I’ll post their responses for those interested.

If you want to send one of your own, there are some suggestions here.

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Putting Cycling on the Qld Election Agenda

Only a few weeks (31 March 2012) until those of us in Queensland will vote in our state election.  Now, cycling is an important state issue and CBD Bug has put together a great list of suggestions as well as some form/sample letters for you to send to the candidates in your electorate about their cycling policies.

Some of my favourite issues in the suggestions are:

  • Driver competency and education
  • Cycleway connectivity
  • Hostile road rules

I strongly urge you to write to your candidates about these important issues and let them know that cycling is vital to our community.

Two thumbs up – business providing customer bike facilities!

I went to the dentist today and whilst that is awesome in itself, it’s not the story I want to talk about.

The dentist in semi-suburban part of municipality had a bike rack in the car park in the shade!  I was astounded that they would provide such facilities and was impressed that they weren’t tucked around the back or really inconvenient to access.  They were right at the front of the building closer even that the regular car parks!  I was expecting to have to lock my bike up on a tree or railing or street post.  Certainly made my day (I’m easily amused).

Great work!

New Year’s Cycling Resolutions

I’m not one for ever doing any New Year’s Resolutions.  So these are both belated and aspirational rather than resolutional.

Ride when ever I am able.

This is deliberately open ended.  Riding is already my primary means of getting to and from work but I could probably move more journeys to the bike for social events, to and from sport, the shops, etc.  Some of these, I currently bum a lift or catch the bus/taxi.

Buy Australian made cycling products.

If possible, I hope to buy Australian made cycling products.  I bit of a long shot for many things but plenty of the things that make cycling fun and add novelty are made in Oz.

If not Oz made, then from the Local Bike Shop.  If not from the LBS, then from an Oz retailer.

It’s unfortunately all too easy to get that thing you want online from overseas much cheaper than here.

Try to normalise cycling.

Both to myself and others.  Even though I ride every day as my primary means of transportation, it still doesn’t feel normal.  This is a terrible admission on my behalf and probably a bit of a reflection on the poor state of cycling in Australia.  Cycling doesn’t feel like something normal people do.  I’m going to try to wear normal clothes, cycle to normal everyday activities, talk down cycling short comings and encourage others to give it a go.

More advocacy.

Write more, tweet more, contact members of government more.  Join the local BUG.  Complain when important public facilities have no/inadequate bike infrastructure.  Take down number plates and report to police poor behaviour.

Don’t forget to ride for recreation.

I do a lot of commuting.  It’s easy to forget that riding for the sake of it is fun.

Cycle to the beach

Something I’ve wanted to do but haven’t gotten around to.  It isn’t even that far!

Rockhampton Cup on Wheels

Over the weekend, I went to the Rockhampton Cup on Wheels track cycling meet.  I hadn’t been to a meet before.  It was run by the Rockhampton Cycling Club and attracted both local, interstate and international competitors to the event including special guest Anna Meares.

If you haven’t seen much track cycling before, it is kind of like the last stage of the Tour de France where they are doing the laps of the Champs-Élysées before hitting the sprint finish but inside a sloping closed circuit track.  So pretty much just the most exciting bits.  I had watched track cycling on TV before but seeing it in “real life” is much better.  They go really fast!

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Fitzroy Principal Cycle Network Plan – Workshop 9 Dec 2011

Coming up on 9 December 2011 is the community consultation for the Fitzroy Principal Cycle Network Plan (PCNP).  Basically, this workshop is to provide local user input in to the PCNP as part of the Queensland Cycling Strategy.

Details are as follows:


Date: Friday 9th December 2011

Time: 9 am – 12pm

Venue: Wentworth Room, Kershaw House, Glenmore Road, Park Avenue, Rockhampton

RSVP:  cyclePCNP@tmr.qld.gov.au

Info: http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/Projects/Name/F/Fitzroy-Principal-Cycle-Network-Plan.aspx

Agenda: http://www.bq.org.au/_downloads/Rockhampton_Agenda.pdf

First of all, for shame DTMR!  The community consultation and workshop is on during the middle of the day on a weekday!  How the proverbial are normal daily commuter cyclists supposed to attend this meeting?  Isn’t this the exact target market you are trying to reach with these programs?  Certainly not a great way to reach them by putting on the program during the most inaccessible time for them.  At least the venue is bicycle accessible, I guess…..

Secondly, for shame DTMR!  Your website on this process contains no information or dates on when this meeting is going to occur.  So, apart from the e-mail I got from BQ that this was going to occur, I had no knowledge of its existence and I do have fair access to what’s going on in the local biking community.  There has been no general talk about it and no notices that it was going to occur.

I don’t know if I will be attending or not.  I will certainly try to get there but most people just can’t up and leave work for half a day.

If you aren’t in the Fitzroy area and want to participate in these events, I would look up your area on the Projects Page (not an easy navigation) and contact the relevant addresses about the dates for your area.  If you are a member of BQ, I’d imagine you will probably get an e-mail about it as a reminder.